This was originally intended for "Juicy," but I felt that it was different enough to stand on its own legs.

"Majesty" is a photoset showcasing confidence that fosters far beyond the preconceived notions of femininity. A fantasy about feeling powerful and beautiful in a society so hellbent on deciding what it means to be a woman. 

This is wholeheartedly them, nothing more.

"I go hard, I go fast
And I never look back
I go speedin' on the highway
Burn rubber, no crash"

"I pull up, roll up, fuck up
Don't make decisions for me,
You don't know nothin'"

"Used to call me baby, but fuck off until you call me your majesty"

Directed by Huy

Starring + @yassminshamma + @couturefatima + @par3sa

Wardrobe by @itsrachyall + + Huy

Location @wonderworldspace

Inspired by GTA Vice City + Charli XCX + The Divine Feminine + Kingdom Hearts

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