Virginia Tech

Fall 2015 - Spring 2018

A degree in multimedia journalism with a business minor that surprisingly ended with a 3.48 GPA. Bless that full ride too. 


Department of State

Summer 2019

Incident Management Coordinator

  • Contracted via DMI Inc.
  • Identified the recording and classification of over 500 incidents for federal government bureaus.
  • Allocated requests towards assigned groups and divisions.
  • Researched and provided records on all incident requests to appropriate managers using Remedy.
  • Verified resolutions with 100+ customers. 

Mother New York

Summer 2018

Productions Intern

  • Developed proficient skills in project and vendor relationship management for Stella Artois, Diamond Producers Association (DPA), and Target.
  • Facilitated production demands at shoots and recording sessions.
  • Created director reels for DPA pitches and established communication channels between creatives and multi-million dollar vendors.
  • Spearheaded and managed the budgetary and creative components for an eight-person, in-office project. 

The News Feed NRV

Spring 2018

Multimedia Reporter

  • Pitched stories, created video packages and website stories on a weekly basis.
  • Conducted podcasts as well as handled production team needs in the studio.
  • Made everyone aware that there was relevant news besides cows mooing in Southern Virginia. 

Humans of Virginia Tech

Spring 2016 - Spring 2018

President, Content Advisor, Photographer & Videographer

  • Expanded page brand through Facebook Analytics, pitching to potential clients, and curating content based on insights in the Blacksburg community.
  • Amassed an audience reach up to 630,000+.
  • Managed a cross-functional 50+ member team.
  • Devised, produced, and directed Virginia Tech’s first graduation video. 


Fall 2016 - Spring 2018


  • Conceptualized, pitched, and produced multimedia content for Virginia Tech’s School of Business, First & Main, and PRISM.
  • Streamlined video production timeline processes for maximum efficiency.
  • Proficient in production management and communicating/demonstrating information to talent, clients, and leadership.
  • Emphasized brand identity through stills and video projects, resulting in an audience reach up to 40,000+. 

The Tab at Virginia Tech

Spring 2016 - Fall 2016

Fellowship Writer + Videographer

  • Pitched and wrote stories on a bi-weekly basis on news that college students like to read when they're pretending to write notes in class.

Studio Collective

Fall 2015 - Fall 2016

Layout Designer

  • Developed layouts for stories in the Virginia Tech School of Architecture + Design that was appealing enough to make a design student squeal.


Adobe Creative Cloud + Final Cut Pro

Self-taught in Premiere, Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator, Lightroom, and Final Cut with quick turnarounds in the post-production process. Final Cut is my main video-editing software because I believe the user interface is prettier than Adobe’s. Also because I am the living embodiment of blind loyalty to Apple. 

Role Assessment

Can switch between the producer and videographer roles based on client needs. Able to adapt to unfamiliar things with little oversight. 

Knowledge of User Needs

Skilled at identifying problems and determining what a user outcome could be through qualitative and quantitative data analysis. 

Emphasis on Building Team Culture

Able to lead a collective with quick analysis on strengths and weaknesses in order to promote efficient project management and boost team morale. 

And the Miscellaneous Ones

  • Microsoft Office
  • Proficient in Squarespace, WordPress and Wix
  • Hootsuite Certified
  • Technical Writing & Editing
  • Budgeting for Bids
  • Being Funny
  • Keeping Clients Happy
  • Finding Full-Bleed GIFs for Decks
  • Knowing How to Google

Using Format